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Why has the Corporate Services budget within EPS increased 24% since 2013?


Between 2013 and 2018, the Edmonton Police Service budget grew 26%, as a result of additional officers, related equipment and the staff and infrastructure required to support those positions. The primary responsibility of Corporate Services Bureau is to support the front line with:

  • Human Resources Division, including all aspects of recruitment, training and development, employee family assistance and occupational health and safety
  • Supply Services Division to maintain and operate of all EPS facilities, maintenance and management of the EPS fleet, and the coordination of the EPS procurement processes<
  • Informatics, which is responsible for all of the Information Management and Information Technology requirements for the EPS in both the facilities and the vehicles
  • Financial Services Division which is responsible for the stewardship and planning of the Operating and Capital Budgets.

Given the complexity of these support functions, it is important that these areas keep pace with the growth throughout the service. In 2013, Corporate Services made up 24% of the total EPS budget and in 2018, 25% of the total EPS budget. From 2013 to 2018 the EPS grew by 433 FTEs, 112 of which were allocated to Corporate Services to catch up from years of the focus being on Frontline and to support the general growth of the service.

The staffing complement of the Corporate Services Bureau is made up of four primary unions or associations (CSU52, Edmonton Police Association, Senior Officers Association and Management employees). Since the 2013 Budget was published the CSU52 Staff have received 13.25% in collective bargaining settlements. This relates to the majority of the staff complement in the Corporate Services Bureau. The EPA and SOA have received 9.9% and the 2017/2018 years remain unsettled and the Civilian Management Staff received 6.75% for the 2014-2016 fiscal years and have received&nbsp;0% every year thereafter.

Respecting the governance role of the Edmonton Police Commission, inquiries regarding the Edmonton Police Services Budget should be directed through the Edmonton Police Commission, to the attention of the Executive Director, Justin Krikler. He can be reached at or 780-822-7148.

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