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What do savings represent and what is the calculation, including the values of each component?


The savings calculation represent potential annual tax-levy savings in the event of closure.  In general, this is calculated using the non-adjusted tax-levy requirement 5-year average.


Non-Adjusted Tax-Levy Requirement = Total Revenues - Total Costs


For example, based on the 5-year average of the Non-Adjusted Tax-Levy Requirement, the recommendations related to Eastglen, Scona Pool, and Oliver Pool have the potential to provide annual savings of over $1.4M.  Of this, Eastglen would make up over $0.9M of these savings.


To be conservative, the ongoing savings calculations do not include capital renewal costs (eg. Eastglen has approximately $0.4M of capital renewal identified in the 2019-2022 Capital Budget).

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