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Could you walk through the projects that could be funded with debt and explain how they aligned or didn’t align with the City goals? The three I’m really interested in are Stadium, Lewis Farms and Terwillegar.

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Many projects we looked at aligned with the prioritization criteria. City departments did a good job of putting forward work that was relevant and important. Because we don’t have unlimited funds, much of the work of budget is choosing between worthwhile projects.

For Stadium, Lewis Farms and Terwillegar, it’s not really a case of not aligning with City goals. It comes down to the limitations of unconstrained available funding we can use to advance projects. The City only has a limited amount of funding that we can use for whatever we want — that doesn’t have any constraints or rules attached to it. Some projects are more eligible for constrained funding, which helps us to afford them more easily. However, these are just our recommendations and we’ll hear Council’s thoughts during the next few weeks of discussion.

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