> Your Questions With so many new people moving to Edmonton, why does the City still need to increase my property tax?

Looks like we have a new neighbour. Welcome to Edmonton!

From the get go, new citizens require the City’s services, programs and infrastructure.

Despite that, Edmontonians rely on the City services and resources they have at their disposal.

Still, life happens and the City responds.

Seasons change and roads are plowed.

Even with additional user fees, grants from other orders of government and property taxes from new Edmontonians, we still often aren’t able to address the needs of our increasing population.

While new arrivals begin paying property taxes right away (either directly on their property or indirectly through their rent), prior to new residents arriving the City has to pay to build the necessary infrastructure that supports new housing developments to accommodate the influx of people.

This means a larger portion of citizens are using the resources that we have (such as transit, rec centres and libraries), putting stress on the resources and services that we already have.

As the population grows, the City remains dedicated to providing high-quality services to all its citizens.

Eventually, the population grows enough that it becomes necessary to invest in new or expanded infrastructure, resources and services to maintain the quality of service that Edmontonians are asking for.

In Budget 2015, the City has projected receiving more revenue in property taxes ($30 million) and user fees ($26.7 million) from the added population growth. But the increase in population does not immediately match the increased demand for City programs, services and infrastructure. As a result, property taxes increase, even as new people join our city.