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In this three-year budget cycle, property taxes are projected to rise 3.6% in 2018 (1.6% general tax increase, 1.4% for Neighbourhood Renewal and 0.6% to operate and maintain the future Valley Line LRT). This represents an additional cost of $9 per month for the typical Edmonton homeowner.

Property taxes make up the largest portion (50.1%) of the City’s revenue sources. Simply put, the City of Edmonton could not provide a broad range of essential social, recreational and protective services without using property taxes. This is particularly important now, as the scale of Edmonton’s growth and demand for its services have reached an unprecedented level.

The City strives to find ways to create revenue to reduce the reliance on property taxes wherever possible, but is limited by the provincial Municipal Government Act.

FACT: City taxes are assessed on approximately 390,000 properties.

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