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User fees, fines and permits account for 12.7% of the City’s operating revenue.

User fees, fines and permits are anything that individual Edmontonians pay to the City outside of property taxes. Because these are largely voluntary costs (aside from fines), they allow the City to reduce its reliance on property taxes while allowing the citizens who get the most use from these facilities to be the ones that support them.

User Fees include the use of community and recreational facilities such as green fees at Victoria Golf Course, admission to the Valley Zoo, and the cost of ice time at a hockey rink, among others. User fees go toward the maintenance and upkeep of these services and facilities. In setting user fees, the City strives to find the balance between generating revenue and ensuring these services and facilities are still accessible to all Edmontonians.

Permits are specific fees that provide business licenses, inspections, zoning changes, land development applications, hazardous material permits and many other uses.

Fines are any fee assessed as a result of a bylaw infraction, a recorded violation of the Traffic Safety Act or even fees related to Fire Rescue Services responding to multiple false alarms at a residence.

FACT: In 2013, Fire Rescue Services generated $502,000 in revenue from repeated false alarms, hazardous material clean-up, hazardous material permits and fireworks permits.

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