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Maintenance of our transportation system means keeping roads, sidewalks and public spaces in good repair, clean and free from litter. This includes summer road maintenance, winter road maintenance and engineering services. A transportation system that is well maintained in all seasons promotes economic vitality and a positive city image.

Winter Road Maintenance

Providing snow and ice control helps to minimize economic loss to the community while protecting the environment and ensures all private, commercial and emergency vehicles will experience safe roads throughout the winter months.

The average Edmonton household contributes $5.76 per month to Snow Clearing through property taxes.

FACT: Roadway Maintenance moves – on average – 950,140 square metres of the snow every winter. If all the snow was piled on the field at Commonwealth Stadium, it would be as tall as the EPCOR Tower.

Summer Road Maintenance

Pothole repair, snow removal, design & construction, transportation planning and summer road maintenance is an important part of ensuring safe roads throughout Edmonton.

The average Edmonton household contributes $6.44 per month to Summer Road Maintenance through property taxes.

FACT: As of October 31, 2017, the City has filled 664,739 potholes this year alone.

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